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Building Your Emotional IQ

Emotional intelligence is a type of intelligence that often is overlooked due to its invisibility. Though we can not see our emotional IQ it is important that we develop our emotional IQ, because it is through this that we understand ourselves and others. Emotional intelligence according to Oxford Language, is the ability to control and express one’s emotions, and to handle interpersonal relationships judiciously and empathetically. In basic terms, emotional intelligence is the ability to recognize what you’re feeling, know what they’re telling you and how they impact others.

The journey to emotional intelligence is one that may take longer than most tasks, but it can be built by trial and error. Here are some ways in which you can build your emotional intelligence.

  1. Observe your reactions.

  2. Feel your emotions, name them, and accept them.

  3. Look at your attention-seeking behaviors.

  4. Observe and find strategies to manage your unwanted behaviors and emotions.

  5. Ask for feedback from people you trust.

  6. Take responsibility and ownership for your actions and reactions.

  7. Attempt to keep a positive attitude.

  8. Learn your triggers.

  9. Practice empathy.

  10. Learn how to take constructive criticism.

  11. Engage in active listening.

  12. Engage in mindfulness techniques,

  13. Engage in journaling or other self-expression techniques

  14. Create a small group with friends and family to discuss personal issues.

  15. Read self-help books and engage in emotional iq activities that are validated by research.

  16. Seek professional help such as a therapist.

For more resources, check out these websites below:

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