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Journaling and Stress Management

When we were children, it was a practice to journal our thoughts in our diaries or scribble notes to our friends in between classes. We did this when we were happy, sad, angry, and every emotion in between. Until one day, we grew up and decided that journaling was something that we no longer needed. Now, as adults when the world comes crashing down, our job is stressful, or we may be filled with a bunch of emotions we don't know how to process. We sometimes miss that little diary we once had. I’m here to tell you, you can pick that book up again and begin your journaling journey,

Journaling is a written account of your thoughts and feelings over time. Journaling helps individuals manage their stress, express their emotions, and improve their mental health and memory. Journaling also helps individuals measure progress over time, track patterns, and find inspiration.

There are several types of journals, and you do not have to be limited to what you start. Some include:

  • Stream of consciousness or brain dump journals

  • Fitness journals

  • Food journals

  • Gratitude journals

  • Sketch journals

  • To-do List journals

  • Guided prompt journals

  • Prayer journals

  • Five Minute journals

Whichever journal you choose to participate in is up to you. Now that you know the types of journals, you may be wondering what to write and how to start. Here are some quick tips to help you begin your journey:

  • Start with the prompt “What am I thinking?”

  • Look up journal prompts online by subject

  • Let go of judgments and expectations

  • Dedicate x amount of journaling time daily, to get yourself in a habit.

  • Keep your expectations realistic.

  • Your journal is your journal, do what feels right to you.

  • Don’t hold back.

  • Write a letter to yourself or someone in your life.

  • Start with a scribble or a word, or a song lyric.

  • Start basic. You don’t need the most expensive journal to start.

  • Carry your journal with you. You never know when you will feel inspired.

  • Track how you feel after you journal.

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